Reclaimed Avant-garde: Space and Stages of Avant-garde Theatre in Central-Eastern Europe

Reclaimed Avant-garde: Space and Stages of Avant-garde Theatre in Central-Eastern Europe

The book is the outcome of a conference held in November 2017 at the Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute

Reclaimed Avant-Garde: Spaces and Stages of Avant-Garde Theatre in Central-Eastern Europe

Zoltán Imre, Dariusz Kosiński – Introduction


Višnja Kačić Rogošić – Avant-garde visions of performance space on the Croatian stage
Edīte Tišheizere – The principle of broken space in the avant-garde and its development in contemporary theatre: The Latvian case
Ana Kocjančič – Slovenian theatre avant-garde and shaping the space of the stage
Valentyna Chechyk – Urbanism and the visual ideas of the avant-garde in the Ukrainian scenography of the 1920s
Dariusz Kosiński – The avant-garde dramaturgy of space – the Polish case


Martynas Petrikas, Asta Petrikienė – Avant-garde theatre and social space: Lithuanian examples
Martin Bernátek – Theatrical apparatus and social change: The Divadlo práce project
Kamelia Nikolova – The stage as a social space in the historical avant-garde and the contemporary theatre in Bulgaria


Ewa Guderian-Czaplińska – The imagined theatrical spaces of Teresa Żarnower
Hanna Veselovska – The movement of bodies: Gender issues in Ukrainian avant-garde theatre
Zoltán Imre – Women in the Hungarian avant-garde – How does the Great Forgetting become the Great Tradition? 


Martina Mašlárová – The influence of Škola umeleckých remesiel on the avant-garde theatre in Slovakia
Justyna Michalik – Something HAPPENED theatrically – The Cricot Artists’s Theatre
Levan Khetaguri – Tbilisi – Crossroads phenomena

Glossary of key figures

Author bios

Ave: An Action for Footsteps, Megaphones, Flags, Shouts and Flares

Seven Songs about the Avant-garde: Reconstructions

Index of names

The book “Reclaimed Avant-garde: Spaces and Stages of Avant-garde Theatre in Central-Eastern Europe” is the outcome of a conference held in November 2017 at the Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute. The book is also a next stage of the process of recognizing and restoring the importance of avant-garde theatre search, which in the 1920s and 1930s exploded with a real wealth of ideas that has evoked admiration, appreciation and amazement lasting until today. The book consists of 14 reports prepared by researchers from 11 countries of the region, from Latvia to Slovenia, and from Georgia to the Czech Republic. These texts present avant-garde discovery and transformation of theatre space, work with its dramaturgy, innovative set design ideas. At the same time they remind us about both male and female artists who drew from their unusual imagination, and are nowadays recognized (yet not always) only by the local specialists and researchers. The book allows us to discover the real richness of inspiration, refreshing at the same time the way of thinking about space and theatre.


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