Opening Doors to Polish Theatre in Underserved Communities.

Initiated in 2009, POLSKA THEATRE is a program designed to enhance access to Polish theatre in areas with limited cultural resources. Recognizing the importance of theatre in enriching communities, the program strives to bring the wonders of Polish theatre to towns and centers that lack institutional theatre but possess the necessary infrastructure for performances.

Under the POLSKA THEATRE program, institutional theatres, local government cultural institutions, and non-governmental organizations are eligible to apply for co-financing to present performances in these underserved communities. The qualification process consists of two stages. The first stage involves submitting a performance for consideration and obtaining a recommendation from the Artistic Committee of the program. In the second stage, performance tour projects that have received recommendations and co-financing from the Organizing Committee are evaluated.

The inspiration behind the creation of POLSKA THEATRE stems from the theatre tours organized during the interwar period by the Reduta Theatre of Juliusz Osterwa and Mieczysław Limanowski. These tours successfully exposed residents of small towns to the finest accomplishments of Polish culture during that time.

The primary goal of POLSKA THEATRE is to provide residents of towns without institutional theatres access to exceptional theatrical performances. In doing so, the program aims to popularize the art of theatre and eliminate economic barriers that hinder access, particularly in towns located far from major theatre centers.


For more information about POLSKA THEATRE and how to get involved, please visit our website at www.teatrpolska.pl or contact:

Katarzyna Rutkowska
+48 883 600 503

Join us in bringing the magic of Polish theatre to every corner of our country.

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