The Publishing House of the Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute specializes in publishing monographs, dissertations, and collective volumes in the field of theatre and performing arts.

Current Publications

  • “A Lexicon of the Central-Eastern European Interwar Theatre Avant-garde”
  • “Look Around. Sense Around, Touch Around” by Bartek Warzecha/Performances
  • “Tomek Tyndyk / Theatre Hueckel/Theatre”
  • “Reclaiming the Obvious: On the Institution of the Festival”
  • “Reclaimed Avant-garde: Space and Stages of Avant-garde Theatre in Central-Eastern Europe”
  • “Aporia: The City Is The City”

Our goal is to support critical thinking and reflection on stage art, with a particular focus on Polish theatre and cultural performances. We view theatre as a medium for public discourse, a mechanism for shaping and redefining collective identity and consciousness, and a means to explore the influences that drive cultural dynamics and collective life.

Methodological reflection is also important to us, as we strive to enhance the body of knowledge in theatre and situate it within the broader context of contemporary humanities. In addition, we publish books that analyze and critique theatre institutions and organization systems worldwide. The publishing house also reprints classic works on Polish theatre studies and prepares editions of writings by influential figures in Polish theatre.

Most of our publications are the result of scientific programs conducted at the Theatre Institute.


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