“Forefathers’ Eve in Tbilisi” | premiere

“Forefathers’ Eve in Tbilisi” | premiere

The premiere of the first ever performance of the entire "Forefathers' Eve" by Adam Mickiewicz in Georgian will take place on July 1 and 2 in Tbilisi.
published June 25 2024
The project includes the first-ever comprehensive translation and exhibition of all parts of Adam Mickiewicz’s “Forefathers’ Eve” in Georgian. The premiere will take place in Tbilisi on July 1 and 2, 2024.


“Forefathers’ Eve in Tbilisi” is part of a large-scale project aiming to popularize Polish literature abroad. It is the first time that Mickiewicz’s drama poem in its entirety is translated into Georgian language. The Georgian translator of Polish literature, Keti Kantaria, collaborated with the poet Ana Kopaliani and created a new text, which provided the basis for the work of Georgian theatrical artists. The project is realized as part of the Polish Ministry and National Heritage „Inspiring Culture“ Programme, the aim of which is to promote Polish culture abroad. The project is co-organized by the Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute and Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film Georgia State University.

Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film Georgia State University has 100 years of history in producing artistic academic programs. The university educates theatre, film, and TV actors and directors, theatre and film critics, art historians, choreographers, and experts in the cultural and educational sector.

It runs the popular D. Aleksidze Theatre, frequently visited by Georgian audiences. In 2022 the theatre hosted a jointly produced project — a performative reading of the 2nd part of Adam Mickiewicz’s “Forefathers’ Eve”.

“Forefathers’ Eve in Tbilisi”

Author of stage version and director: Andro Enukidze
Scenography: Teo Kukhianidze
Costume designer: Vera Kipiani
Composer: Zaza Marjanishvili
Choreography: Davit Metreveli
Video art: Marina Salukvadze
Cast: Givi Balanchivadze, Nodar Meladze, Buka Glonti, Giga Kakubava, Otar Ashkareli, Gogi Turkiashvili, Giorgi Piranishvili, Archil Baratashvili, Kakha Mikiashvili, Kakhi Gazdeliani, Nika Kakheli, Lizi Kotrikadze, Giorgi Tsertsvadze, Tekla Sulakvelidze, Mikheil Arjevanidze, Giorgi Jikia, Mamuka Mumladze, Nina Kalatozi, Guga Katsarava, Salome Chulukhadze, Mariam Nadiradze, Khatuna Berdzenishvili, Sofi Khizanishvili, Temur Dvali, Giorgi Gotsadze, Tato Kublashvili, Gregori Laikov (Belarus), Oleg Amurov (Ukraine)
Video art participants: Students Of Shota Rustaveli Theatre And Film Georgia State University

Established in 2003 in Warsaw (Poland) Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute is a national cultural institution that contributes to the public debate about contemporary Polish theatre, broadens the perspectives of the accompanying scientific reflection, and supports research and educational activities. The Institute is promoted by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.


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